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A traditionally brewed old-world beer with a modern twist. Combining the toasty toffee and caramel flavours of an Irish Red with the bright fruity and herbal notes of new world Jarrylo hops and complemented by the piney, citrus flavour and aroma of Mosaic and Chinook hops. ABV 5.2% IBUs 32




Nestled in the regional Victorian town of Castlemaine, Shedshaker Brewing has been operating out of the town's historic Woollen Mills since 2016. For over 150 years, Castlemaine has been famous for two things: gold and beer. Handcrafted beers that are distinctive, traditional and brewed with passion and dedication to craftsmanship. Today at Shedshaker, the traditional styles sit comfortably alongside the beers that push the boundaries of styles and influence.




Small batch, hand crafted, beautifully made. We believe that Shedshaker represents the essence of craft beer. Their range will appeal equally to the most experienced craft beer drinker as well as those who are newly exploring the craft beer world. Curated to complement the flavours and tastes of Singapore, Shedshaker's range is well suited to a spicy laksa or chilli crab...or simply to enjoy in a quiet session with friends.

Shedshaker Celtic Red 12 x 330ml

SKU: 000131
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