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Our guiding principle is simple. If it's not good enough to serve to our friends and family, then it's not good enough to serve to our customers.

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Nestled in the regional Victorian town of Castlemaine, Shedshaker Brewing has been operating out of the town's historic Woollen Mills since 2016.

For over 150 years, Castlemaine has been famous for two things: gold and beer. Handcrafted beers that are distinctive, traditional and brewed with passion and dedication to craftsmanship.

Today at Shedshaker, the traditional styles sit comfortably alongside the beers that push the boundaries of styles and influence.


Shedshaker Celtic Red 330ml

A traditionally brewed old world beer with a modern twist. Combining the toasty toffee and caramel flavours of an Irish Red with the bright fruity and herbal notes of new world Jarrylo hops and complemented by the piney, citrus flavour and aroma of Mosaic and Chinook hops.

ABV 5.2% IBUs 32


Shedshaker IPA 330ml

With a big hit of Aussie and US hops, spicy rye, hints of blood orange, black pepper, pine and tropical fruit, there’s a lot going on in this IPA. Great mouthfeel with balanced bitterness and a lingering malty backbone. The Three Stooges would be proud.

ABV 6.2% IBUs 54


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Shedshaker Frailty Ale 330ml

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the release of Hunters & Collectors classic album Human Frailty. With a golden hue from the light touch of biscuity American malts and the tingling citrus aroma of Chinook, Cascade and Centennial and dry hopping using Falconer’s Flight – a blend of Citra, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace hops. ABV 5.2% IBUs 30


Shedshaker Lager 330ml

A great Lager is all about time and our Pilsner style spends six weeks in tank to create a clean, smooth and refreshing finish with a hint of citrus and tropical fruit. With the light touch of Saaz cultivar hops this is a classic Pilsner style with a herbal nose and light straw coloured body.

ABV 4.6% IBUs 22

Bright Brewery logo.png

Bright Brewery was born in 2005 from a passion for well-made beer, a love for the town of Bright and its pristine alpine environment, and the adventurous outdoors lifestyle that the High Country provides.

The brewery was founded by Scott Brandon, his late wife Fiona Reddaway and their friends David and Julia, driven by a desire to make beer great and to share Bright’s spectacular surrounds and environment with everyone who passes through the town.


Today, Bright Brewery continues as an independent family business, owned and managed by Scott Brandon with his management team, employing more than 40 local staff.

Bright Brewery - Alpine - 003.png

Bright Alpine Lager 330ml

Crisp, refreshing and as bright as the sun rising over the mountain ranges, this Alpine Extra Pale Lager is a fitting ode to where it is made in Bright, the gateway to Victoria’s beautiful High Country. ABV 4.5%

Bright Brewery - Blowhard.png

Bright Pale Ale 330ml

Big tropical and fresh citrus hop aromas explode from the can as you pour this American-style Pale Ale. The first sip will reveal juicy passionfruit, lychee and peach hop flavours backed up by a firm, smooth bitterness. This thirst-quenching APA takes its name from Mt Blowhard near Bright, Victoria. ABV 5.0%


Bright Razor Witbier 330ml

This Hazy Razor Witbier is a crisp, refreshing and delicately balanced Belgian style white beer. Subtly laced with coriander and orange zest, and notably brewed with unmalted wheat, you’ll find it cloudy and effervescent with spicy wheat aromatics.

In 2019, Hazy Razor Witbier was named the Champion European Style Ale at the Independent Beer Awards (The Indies), officially making it the best beer of its style in Australia!  ABV 5.0%

Hellfire Amber Ale.png

Bright Hellfire Amber Ale 330ml

This modern English Amber Ale is crafted from the finest ingredients to be packed full of flavour. Malty and nutty with floral hops fruity Yorkshire yeast and a background caramel sweetness.

It's named after Hellfire Gully, which for the more adventurous backcountry skier, is an exhilarating drop off Mt Feathertop, just up the valley from the brewery. ABV 5.0%

Bootleg Booch Logo_NEW.png

It's time for a change. And it's been brewing a while.

Bootleg Booch is shaking up the status quo with a new kind of drink for anyone seeking something new and unique. This is a refreshing alcoholic kombucha that’s low in sugar and certified organic.

Time has been taken to create an authentic alcoholic kombucha that’s been inspired by ancient recipes and knowledge, but given new life.

330ml Booch Render July Pink Apple 2019.

Pink Apple 330ml

The essence of the crisp and juicy Pink Lady is delivered through this certified organic alcoholic kombucha.

As with all the Bootleg Booch range, it is low in sugar, preservative free and batch brewed. ABV 3.5%

330ml Booch Render July Passionfruit 201

Passionfruit 330ml

Bootleg Booch Passionfruit alcoholic kombucha is bursting with vibrant and juicy passionfruit flavour.

Refreshing, tantalising and surprising this kombucha is perfect for any occasion.

As with the entire Bootleg Booch range it is brewed in Daylesford, Victoria, utilising the clear and clean mineral spring water that the region is famous for. ABV 3.5%

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