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Shedshaker Brewing

Nestled in the regional Victorian town of Castlemaine, Shedshaker Brewing has been operating out of the town's historic Woollen Mills since 2016.


For over 150 years, Castlemaine has been famous for two things: gold and beer. Handcrafted beers that are distinctive, traditional and brewed with passion and dedication to craftsmanship.


Today at Shedshaker, the traditional styles sit comfortably alongside the beers that push the boundaries of styles and influence.

Small batch, hand crafted, beautifully made. We believe that Shedshaker represents the essence of craft beer. 

Their range will appeal equally to the most experienced craft beer drinker as well as those who are newly exploring the craft beer world.


Curated to complement the flavours and tastes of Singapore, Shedshaker's range is well suited to a spicy laksa or chilli crab... or simply to enjoy in a quiet session with friends.

What we love about Shedshaker

Bright Brewery logo.png

Bright Brewery

What we love about Bright

Crisp air, pristine mountain water, quality ingredients and sustainable practices combine to create these 'MountainCrafted' beers.

An award winning brewer located on the Great Alpine Road in the heart of beautiful Bright.

We love their dedication to crafting genuine products, creating unique brews and for their passion for the environment.

Bright Brewery was born in 2005 from a passion for well-made beer, a love for the town of Bright and its pristine alpine environment, and the adventurous outdoors lifestyle that the High Country provides.

The brewery was founded by Scott Brandon, his late wife Fiona Reddaway and their friends David and Julia, driven by a desire to make beer great and to share Bright’s spectacular surrounds and environment with everyone who passes through the town.


Today, Bright Brewery continues as an independent family business, owned and managed by Scott Brandon with his management team, employing more than 40 local staff.

Bootleg Booch Logo_NEW.png

Bootleg Booch

It's time for a change. And it's been brewing a while.

Bootleg Booch is shaking up the status quo with a new kind of drink for anyone seeking something new and unique. This is a refreshing alcoholic kombucha that’s low in sugar and certified organic.

We've taken our time to create an authentic alcoholic kombucha that’s been inspired by ancient recipes and knowledge, but given new life.

Batch brewed by Lo Bros, Bootleg Booch is double fermented to produce a clean, crisp fresh finish. We want better and we've found it.

What we love about Bootleg

Served over ice, Bootleg Booch is crying out ‘Sunday afternoon
drinks’... or Wednesday night if you are inclined.

Refreshing, mid-strength and full of flavour, what better way to spend some quality time with friends than with a glass of Bootleg Booch in your hand.

These alcoholic kombuchas are our ‘go-to’ drink when we want to mix things up a little.

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