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The CraftBrothers’ curated Australian craft brews will elevate your evenings at home


  • There’s nothing quite like cracking open a can (or bottle) of cold beer after a long day. If you’re a fan of the handcrafted type, CraftBrothers has selected some of the best Australian labels that will elevate your otherwise mundane TV-and-dinner experience...

9th September 2020 - Lifestyle Asia

CraftBrothers Australian Handcrafted Beers Hit Singapore's Shores


  • It’s time to take the road less travelled and seek something unique. The CraftBrothers have selected some of the best regional Australian handcrafted beverages to introduce to Singapore. All of which have never been available outside of the Australian continent...

15th September 2020 - Expat Choice Asia

Newly-launched and seasonal craft beers to get your hands on


  • New beers, new reasons to drink. Well, more like an excuse to pop a cold one open, whatever the occasion. These are tough times friends, and what simpler way to soothe our souls than with a rewarding pint of craft beer had in good company. Drink quality, appreciate the little things, and here's a toast to better days to come...

24th September 2020 - SG Magazine

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